Thursday, January 5, 2012

GOOD STUFF! 01/05/2012

DRUNK AND HORNY WERE UNSUCCESSFUL! in raising the funds to make a vinyl record. BUT THATS OKAY! because we still received enough cash to do a small run of CD's and possibly cassette tapes! which should hopefully be done by the end of this month! AND everyone who contributed is going to still get a wonderful drunk and horny thank you phone call!


the fathers day christmas spectacular was terrific! you can watch a video of fathers day's entire set right here!

The Blue Moons
recorded the whole show and that should be available online very soon too!

also the long awaited Hi My Name Is Ryan album tentatively titled "secrets" should be finished this year! It has been a "secret" project of mine for the past three years that i have been recording songs a'capella here and there on a handheld tape recorder from the sun house, to sweets and beats to the lime or lemon house to the dog house, intimate recordings done by myself while i have been home alone.

One of the songs is going to be featured on the newest holy page compilation.

Fathers Day is also going to be recording some songs this month at audioconfusion. One of the songs will be on an elite compilation of the coolest phoenix and la bands around right now that will be released on Kingdom Mammalia this spring (hopefully). The rest of the songs will be on our next full length album or just released on their own. who knows? but they will be released at some point because they are going to be amazing!

and their are two tours in the works so far this year that you can read more about here