Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i am going to spending a weekend in utah this month and in los angeles next month and would like to play a show while i am in both citys. if you can help me out that would be terrific. because i dont really have time to spend hours online looking for places to play/bands to play with on my own before the dates i am looking for. so here are the details.

i will be in salt lake city, ut from AUGUST 14-16 for the salt lake city film festival - which is where the film "hi my name is ryan" will be showing on AUGUST 15th @THE TOWER THEATER but i would like to play a show in salt lake by myself either doing performance art or just singing some songs or both on AUGUST 14TH. i know that is really soon. but i think it would be a lot of fun! so you should book me a show!


i will be in los angeles, ca from SEPTEMBER 11-13 for my friend brodie hubbards wedding - which is on SEPTEMBER 12th. i am going to be taking the greyhound and really want to play a show while i am up there not just because it would be a blast but because i need to make some money so i can take the bus back home to phoenix, AZ so i would really like to play a show on SEPTEMBER 11th or 13th (but the 11th preferably) in los angeles somewhere.

please! please! please! let me know if you can help me so i can make my traveling dreams come true!

love, ryan