Saturday, March 14, 2009

GOOD STUFF! 03/14/2009

I have made an observation on live performance that i would like to share... in order to have a good performance or one that stands out you must include one or more of the following.

1. You must get involved with the audience. This includes crowd participation, going into the crowd and touching people or getting them involved somehow in your performance.
EXAMPLE: QUINTRON "swamp buggy badass"

2. You must be sincere in what you are doing. and it must be genuine. nothing is more irritating than seeing someone pretend to be sincere.
EXAMPLE: UGGAMUGGA "hard rock star"

(note-this may not be as obvious. but knowing tristan like i do, the first time i saw him perform this song it made me cry because i know [at the time at least] that is exactly how he feels[felt] about grunge and early 90's rock n roll. and it was amazing to see him articulate it so well.)

3. you must put all of your heart and soul and energy into what you are doing in front of your audience. it is the best to see people when they are already tired and worn out to still give %110 and pretty much give there life to entertain you.
EXAMPLE: GG ALLIN "cunt sucking cannibal"

(note-this may not be the best live example of gg allin giving his life to "entertain". but i think if you are familiar with gg allins work you know he gave every show all he had, [even if it was stupid])

4. you must be so good at what you are doing that you can simply stand there and and steal the attention of everyone in the room.
EXAMPLE: HERMAN DUNE "my best kiss"

Last night i saw jason webley perform, and you can have whatever opinion you want about him as a human being or his music but to deny the fact that he is an amazing performer and able to do all 4 of these things in every performance he does and win the hearts of any crowd, is equivalent of saying the color blue is red.

here is a perfect example.