Sunday, December 28, 2008

GOOD STUFF! 12/28/2008

I am going to finally fill you in on some of these cd's i have been listening to / re-discovering lately.

This CD was given to me by my friend Emily after she tried to sell it to some record stores in phoenix. She probably said something like "eh, this sucks but you might like it" i vaguely remember listening to it at that time and thinking "it's interesting i guess" and putting it on the shelf. Well, i finally gave it a real listen and "evaluation" and looked into the band a little more and have found they are pretty awesome and my virgin to-anything-other-than-ska-and-punk ears probably couldn't handle or understand it when i first listened to it. The album is pretty good and really interesting. After the first few songs you understand what is going on and can be bored with it easily but this doesn't dis-credit the band or what they are doing i don't think. Imagine if a really great grindcore / metal band had ska and jazz breakdowns instead of guitar solos...etc. and that is pretty much leScrawl. after checking out there labels website and reading more about them it interests me in there other albums and there earlier stuff they made when they were called "scrawl". It also looks like this band is still around...maybe? and they released a new album last year. So... maybe i will get to see them someday.

A few years ago my friends Steph and JRC introduced me to this wonderful man named Randy Newman. While i was in Portland from 2006-2008 i stumbled upon his album "Sail Away" at a thrift store for $1. Since i heard that wonderful album i have been hooked and i have been blown away at the way this man writes, composes and produces music. He is one of the reasons i have written REAL songs over the past year or so. This album "Harps and Angels" is a masterpiece, in my opinion. Lyrically it is the rantings of an old man that has seen and been through a lot in this world. And although at first listen it makes you laugh to think about that. This album is not meant to be funny or "gimmick-ey". After listening to songs like "Potholes" and "A Few Words in Defense of Our Country" you realize he just wants to get some stuff off of his chest. It is such a beautiful album and can still be compared to "Sail Away" or "Good Old Boys" but is still in a league of it's own. And for 4-5 days i could not stop listening to it, because it is SO GOOD! I have decided after listening to it so many times that at the end of my "career" i want to make music like the music on this wonderful album. here is a video he made for "A Few Words in Defense of Our Country"

This is band i have never heard of before, and one of the many albums my friend James Fella gave to me as a "welcome home, here is all the cool stuff you missed out on" gift. I don't think anything i could say about this band or this album could do it justice. so i will just say that if you like mellow-er, free jazz-ey, experimental, noise...type stuff. you should check them out. they recently went on a tour with my friend Tent City and another great band of the same sub-genre genre Racoo-ooo-oon. I am sad i missed it.

I played a show with this guy back in 2006 at the trunkspace. i didn't know anything about him, i was told he did electronica/type music and had a performance art side of it. So anyway, Hi My Name Is Ryan played with this guy and a few other people (he was on tour with another great artist named "alexis") and hardly anyone was there and this guy still did an amazing job. He gave me this CD and i never listened to it (well i probably did once or twice but its been almost 3 years since i last heard it at least). When i finally gave this album a chance i was blown away by how awesome it was. There is 3 sides to it. 1) the acoustic side 2) the electronic/dance side and 3) the more experimental/tribal/artsy side. And guess what ITS ALL GOOD! So i highly suggest checking him out and seeing him if he comes through town. Because he's got it all.

Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE Archbishop Jason Polland, i love his work on all his other albums and i especially love his work in the Nourishment. But... his last two albums have scared the crap out of me. This one especially for some reason, and i still can't put my finger on it. But this album is very creepy in a very real sort of way. Perhaps when he is not singing about food, bathrooms or satanic worship its just too hard for me to understand or "get". But this is a concept album about two cute little girls who want to have fun and for some reason it creeps me out. you can download it for free here, so you judge for yourself.

Raye Reeves i believe, has done an excellent job of making everyone he meets think he is a badass. That is because he is. If you listen to this mind melting tour into the mind of a psycho you will realize that he is a badass through and through. Not an ounce of poser in this guy. The CD comes with lyrics scribbled in pen for 4/17 tracks, hate mail from someone, a picture of Ray Reeves as a child and a short letter asking people to help him out financially. Now i want to do my part to help the Ray Reeves and encourage you to go to his shows, buy his music and watch his videos.

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