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GOOD STUFF! 12/21/2008


His party was a lot of fun and his compilation CD is amazing! Hopefully some day Emily (Mom) and Liam (Dad) will allow me to put it online for free download because there is a limited 35 copies in existence. Although i am pretty sure they are going to re-release it with some new additions that have been received by more friends/family! You can still hear/download one of my contributions to the CD at its called "Things Everyone Needs To Hear" and it is my favorite song i have ever recorded with any project...ever. And it was all inspired by my god-baby.
December has been a slow month for music and fun and creative things... but what little has happened has been pretty awesome. I have been steadily working on my art show in January @the Trunk Space. This show will feature a ton of absurdity from me and a ton of brilliance from Corey Busboom (of the Coitus). My pieces will include silkscreens of Wayne Micheal Reich's Face, an 80 pound ball of solid ties, Polaroid Collage work and possibly more... it all depends on how inspired and motivated i become. I will post a postcard for the show as soon as i get it.
I missed the No Bunny / Okmoniks show in Tempe, AZ this week and i am still pretty bummed about it. I haven't been bummed about missing a show like this since i was 14-15 years old it was very hard for me to deal with. But i didnt know anyone in Phoenix that was going or wanted to go and i did not have a car available to me to drive myself. Either way i hear it was a great success! tons of people showed up and a new local Oi! band played called 4Q which features a super old friend of mine from one of my earliest experiments with music called "Georges Bush" (which later became "Jehova's Fitness" which later became "the Accidentals"). Anyway, i am sad i missed them, but i am happy No Bunny had a great show with lots of people. Last time he played phoenix, no one knew who he was or gave a damn. He played with Fathers Day and another great band called "Bad Waste" (who i am unable to find anything from them online, but if i could, i would share it with you because they were super great too!) i think a total of 6 people payed to see the show and here are some pictures of no bunny's set.

and here is a picture from his show that i missed

On Friday i went to a show @the Trunk Space and saw French Quarter, Adrian Orange, Alas Alak Alaska, Fancie and James Fella. I don't have a lot to say about the show aside from how amazing French Quarter played (his best set that i have seen in my opinion) and how amazing / tense James Fella played. I still have a bunch of mixed feelings on the touring acts though and that bothers me. So instead of writing about these feelings and putting my foot in my mouth i am going to talk about the first time i saw Adrian Orange (back when he toured under the name "Thanksgiving").

It was August, 2004. My best friend Emily booked a show for all these different bands that no one had heard of (like she and i usually do) and we had no idea how amazing of a show and of an impact the bands and the show would have on everyone. The lineup was
-The Children of Hell
-My Little Red Toe
-Thanksgiving (aka Adrian Orange)
-Foot Village (w/special guests "Dreamhouse")
-Friends Forever

Probably less than 30 people paid to get in. And the Phix Gallery is a pretty big place. But you know what? That show was on of the best shows i have ever been to in my whole life because of a couple of things. 1. All the bands kicked ass and played with all there heart and soul. 2. everyone in attendance was there to have a great time and didnt care about anything other than fun that night.

That night when i saw Thanksgiving it was awesome and very magical. The second time i saw Thanksgiving it was alright too, it was different (because every tour is different for him) but it was still good and inspiring... And every time i have seen him perform since has not even compared and that makes me sad. But i guess that's the whole point and the whole thing he is going for, no two tour are the same, every album is a completely new piece of art unlike anything else... and i can appreciate that. But i still can't help but feel bummed when i see him now.

YACHT wrote about this show on his website soon after it happened, you should read it here.
and he posted an amazing video which is now available on youtube.

And finally, like i stated in an earlier entry... i have been listening to music lately that i have had for a while but just haven't made time to listen to it yet. (and there is a lot) and at some point i think i will review some of it. (only the good stuff though.) so hopefully i feel motivated / inspired to do that as well.

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