Thursday, December 4, 2008

GOOD STUFF! 12/04/2008

on the aquabats message board there is a thread about peoples top 3 favorite ska albums. it is fun to see what people have come up with and of course there are jerks and idiots that will say "The Aquabats 'Charge!'" but all message boards have people that will post things like that to be funny. anyway... i went through my music collection and i came up with these and i chose way more than 3 because it is just too hard to narrow it down to just 3. not to mention all the differant varietys of ska music out there.

traditional ska:
The Adjusters "before the revolution"
Hepcat "right on time"
The Slackers "wasted days"

ska/punk with organs:
The Chinkees "peace through music"
The Gadjits "wish we never met"
Slow Gherkin "roman holiday"

90's ska/punk:
Impossibles "anthology"
Skankin Pickle "sing along with..."
The Hippos "forget the world"

Voodoo Glow Skulls "who is, this is?"
Mighty Mighty Bosstones "skacore the devil and more"
Mu330 "chumps on parade"

albums i feel bad for leaving out because they are so good:
Madness "one step beyond"
Chris Murray "raw"
Dan Potthast "eyeballs"
Kingpins "plan of action"

if you are familiar with the genre you will probably notice i haven't included anything too "classic" or "standard" (excluding madness "one step beyond") and it isnt because most "standard" ska albums arent good... its because i simply like these better and listen to it all more. and if that upsets you... i totally understand. Because i am a snob about music just as much as you.

i attended Grand Ave. Live this evening. Which is a live talk show that happens every first thursday of each month at the trunk space. It features local artists and weirdos, funny sketches, surprise guests and usually a musical guest each night JUST LIKE A REAL LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW YOU WOULD SEE ON TELEVISION! It was also originally hosted and created by me and was then called "grand ave. tonight!" but appearently when that became too confusing for the audience to understand so now it is "grand ave. live!" and is hosted by a way better and talented man by the name of Kevin Patterson! and tonight i saw my first "episode" since i have returned to phoenix and i LOVED IT! Kevin does such a wonderful job, everything has good timing, nothing drags on, nothing is too awkward, he has amazing charisma.... jeez! i am so jealeous! but i am also so happy for him because it is so awesome. When i hosted G.A.T. it was just this really weird and awkward giant performance art piece (pretty much) that i tricked people into coming to (which is true, on more than one occasion i tricked people into coming) But now its magnificent. And very (for lack of a better term) "legit" in my opinion. Anyway... its good and if you havent seen it, or think the whole idea is need to go and see it because it is soooooooo good! and you will not be dissapointed!

The Night Wolf show on teusday went alright... better than expected anyway. We played some songs and made lots of jokes about poop and then did a 2-3 minute long "commercial jam" that was very much like They Might Be Giants "fingertips" and it turned out alright for never practicing it. Then we watched the first episode of Skelton Warriors until everyone left. Aunt Dracula didnt play because by the time they reached the space everyone was gone. Earth, Wind and Stranger didnt play because he thought for some reason it was tonight instead. And Pools opened the show and did a really great job. So over all not a total failure in my opinion. There are sadly no pictures or videos from the show but i found some live Night Wolf Videos from our comeback show in september.

This is the begining of our set. We sealed off the doors and created a "danger room" so no one could leave.

And here is the end of our set. Where we played the Bambi Jam and had the ground turn to lava. which didnt really play out as well as we had hoped so we went into jerk mode and started daring people to stay.

and since i'm posting videos from why not include this video from when Hi My Name Is Ryan performed "Fath Flourescent" at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood, CA

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dave said...

Hey Ryan, it's Dave. I know this might be asking a lot but can you somehow get like a google calendar or iCal (if you're a mac user) and compile a list of the goodshows that I can just download and put into my phone :) I've been manually entering them in and I figure some other people might appreciate the idea as well :)