Monday, December 1, 2008

GOOD STUFF! 12/01/2008

So, Corey Busboom is pretty much the coolest guy ever. I could actually write an entire chapter in a book about the coolest people to ever exist, about him. But i wont. I could also write an entire "blog" entry about him... but i wont. But i will share with you some of the sweet videos he took from last nights show!

This is literally the last minute of fathers day's set last night. Sadly not many of our fans were able to see it because we went on first and we usually go on later than 8:30pm. This includes the amazing Corey Busboom, which is why we only have the last one minute from our set. The song we are playing is the new "oncore song" its called "do the dad" and thankfully a lot of people got into it and so it turned out to be a success!

This is the Coal Mine Canaries they played the show last night too. When i would tell people about the show i never mentioned the Coal Mine Canaries because 1. i had never heard them. 2. they feature 4 guys from bands i never really liked (although i know they are all very talented musicians and i can appreciate that) and so i sorta figured it was going to be horrible. But i was dead wrong in my assumptions and i was very impressed with what they did and super excited to see them again soon (hopefully it wasn't just some lame "stunt" they threw together for treasure mammal's show.)

Andrew Jackson Jihad did a really great set. And this is a 7:30 video from that set. It was the first time i have seen them since June, 2006.

It was a very eclectic lineup. Sadly i haven't found any footage from Treasure Mammal's set, or anything from Soft Shoulder and Fertile Crescent. But either way they all did amazing and i hope that if you don't know anything about these artists you check them out.

So... non-show related good stuff is, James Fella gave me a big box of cool stuff i have missed out on while i was on my mission. Which is one of the coolest things ever! And i am so excited about a lot of it and i want to listen to it all at the same time, but i dont have enough record players and CD players to do that. So anyway... here is the list:

-BINGES "return to whatever"
-GLOXHID CHRISTMIX 2007 "winter solstice"
-HELL-KITE "5 song demo EP?"
-JAMES FELLA "post/coast"
-JAMES FELLA "salvaged tape"
-NIGHT WOUNDS "allergic to heat"
-RACCOO-OO-OON "behold secret kingdom"
-SHEARING PINX "poison hands"
-SHEARING PINX "ultra snake"
-SIKED PSYCH "notnotfun compilation"
-Z'S "buck"

-FOOT VILLAGES "friendship nation"
-FRENCH QUARTER "self titled"
-TENT CITY "drought"

-SHEARING PINX "haruspex"
-SOFT SHOULDER "2 song 'hit single'"
-Z'S "arms"

thank you james fella. for being an amazing human being.

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