Saturday, November 29, 2008

GOOD STUFF! 11/29/2008

My band Fathers Day has written 3 new songs! and we are playing all of them on Saturday! (tonight!) at this totally amazing show! And i really hope you can come and do come. Because it is going to be a lot of fun. Plan ahead of time to go completely bonkers during all of the bands


$7 (PLUS FREE 7") / 8:00PM / ALL AGES

don't miss it!

Tonight was a really fun show too! there was this amazing surf rock band called the Boogie Nazis which features Logan from Bonegun! and seriously they were so much fun. i told them if they got an organ and a therimen they could easily be the new Man...or Astroman? Logan's other band played aswell... they are called Logan Greene and the bricks. And they ALSO tore it up! and i kept thinking throughout the night... "Logan is really awesome now! like....really really awesome now!" he gave me this CD that has a little bit from every project he has been in. Like a "Best of Logan" compilation or something. I am really excited to listen to it. Then I got to hear from two of my favorite local bands EVER! JJCNV and Haunted Cologne! and the whole night was a winning combination...

and i almost forgot to mention Whale Bones!... Whale Bones played too. He is a super nice guy who plays the ukelele and sings songs like i sing em. and he writes songs like i sing em. and so that made me happy. he was super great too. HOORAY FOR GOOD SHOWS!

Monday, November 24, 2008

GOOD STUFF! 11/24/2008

I JUST GOT THE BEST NEWS ANY RETURN MISSIONARY WANTS TO HEAR! someone i taught the gospel to, someone i shared my testimony with and care a lot about is being baptized! December 21st i will be in Portland, OR to see the baptism of former investigator and now good friend Jeremy Lopez. It's the only thing i want this year. and thankfully my mom has lots of "frequent flyer miles" or something.... because it is going to become a reality! YES!!!!! oh gosh.... i don't know if anyone knows how i feel right now or can... but i am so stoked.

Christian Johnson is this really awesome / quite guy who goes to a lot of really good shows and takes pictures of the bands and then posts them on this website and he just posted pictures from the AIDS wolf show from a week ago. And they are really good, i love to go to his website and just look at old shows i was at or shows i missed and help myself remember how awesome Arizona is.

Fathers Day had a sweet band practice last night. We finished two new songs, that will hopefully blow every ones mind. i havent received any negative feedback on new Fathers Day songs so i think its a good sign that we are headed in the right direction. Anyway... you can see/hear these new songs if you come to our next show which is on Saturday the 29th of November. We are playing Treasure Mammal's 5 Year Anniversary Show! We are playing with two of the greatest bands to every play in phoenix Andrew Jackson Jihad and Soft Shoulder AND YOU GET A FREE 7" WHEN YOU GET IN! Here is a Flyer

I just got these wonderful pieces of music on vinyl in the mail today.

and these wonderful pieces of music on CD!

so HOORAY ADDICTIONS TO E-BAY! i am going to stay off of e-bay for a while though at least until after the holidays so in case i want to spend money on someone for christmas i can because its not spent on music and vintage clothing i bought online.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

GOOD STUFF! 11/22/2008

A few years ago I was asked by my friends Steph and JRC (who run the trunkspace) to contribute some of my "Photobooth Art" to there 3rd Annual Photography Show. I spent a lot of money on this project (that i think i am just breaking even on now) called "let's play dress up". I had a handful of my friends come take fun photobooth pictures with me at a mall in Phoenix, AZ and we put on fun/silly clothes, masks, outfits, helmets...etc. i cut all of the photobooth pictures out individually and put magnet on the back of them and have sold them for $3-$4 a piece since then (at art galleries and random shows and such).

And you can now purchase the remaining few photo magnets ONLINE! JUST CLICK RIGHT HERE!

here are a few of my favorites.

Last night was such a fun show @Rocky's Place. All the bands were a ton of fun and it went from 8:00pm to 2:30am. At midnight the cops showed up to turn the party off, because the show was happening in a residential area (next to an apartment complex) so we moved the party to Hood Ride which is this pretty cool place over on 5th St. and Roosevelt Rd. in downtown Phoenix that fixes up old bikes. The night started with a fun/silly performance by Ray Reeves and the Phoenix $uns and then Fathers Day played and tore the place up, trying to build hope in the hearts of young americans everywhere. After the Fathers Day set I headed down the street to Circle K to get some water (since the only drinks available at the house was beer) and i missed Bolt! but i heard them from outside the Circle K and they sounded awesome as always. Painkiller played a very joyful set that was more background music than anything but people still enjoyed it. Skinwalkers played a short 20 minute set that got everyone going crazy and having fun! and I think they are my new favorite local band, because the vibes and energy and music and show...everything is just so positive and fun. And if you haven't checked them out yet. You should. This is when the cops showed up and turned the party off. But only for a moment. Because soon everyone was over at hoodride enjoying The Hooves, who were fun. (lots of sleazy shuffle beats and sing along) And then the moment i know i was waiting for finally came but it almost became a disaster. Treasure Mammal showed up to play another one of his life changing performances and the people at Hood Ride (i think it was them but i am still unsure) turned off the PA system. All hope was about to be lost until Abe (T. Mammal) said "fuck it! let's party anyway!" and had the crowd join him in a two song accapella jam. Then some guy jumped on drums and started playing a beat very similar to "the Bambi Jam" so Andrew, Tristan and I got the bambi jam started with a handful of people, which later turned into "poop song #1". It all ended very abruptly and we all went home with smiles on our faces.

Now onto the Good Stuff happening tonight...

the legendary Green Jelly (formerly Green Jello) who became well known for the hit "3 little pigs" are playing tonight at The Sets in Tempe, A
Z (93 E. SOUTHERN AVE.) w/one of my favorite bands of all time The Radioactive Chicken Heads. And I just heard a pretty cool band called Rosemary's Billygoat

PS: here are some sweet pictures from fathers day's set last night!

GOOD STUFF! 11/19/2008

TOMORROW NIGHT! is going to be the first show i have "promoted" by myself since i have been home from the mission. and honestly i havent done that good of a job. to quote R. Kelly "don't you think i got enough bullshit on my mind girl?!" thats all i can really say about it. but still its no excuse. the show is going to be awesome. and night wolf's set should be so incredibly funny. just to get some ideas of what to expect. watch SLC punk and buffy the vampire slayer tomorrow in your free time. or tonight? anyway, i am also pretty stolked about the other bands playing. i dont know about dia dora vida... but they are on tour with keyboard. and i think keyboard is pretty cool and a lot of fun. and skinwalkers are life changing and possibly the best local band i have seen since i have been back home (+rocky is going to save the world some day. i have a lot of faith in that man). kobra kai is tim+morgans new band. morgan hasnt performed in a year or more and they are both a lot of fun and super spazzy and they sound pretty brutal on there myspace. and fancy pants is long time friend andy wiggum playing super fun/happy/amazing/homosexual/electronic music. and he is going on first because he is going to the lame misfits show @the venue of scottsdale afterwords. BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! but still excited to see him play again and to see him again period.




THEN!!!!!!!! friday fathers day is jumping onto rocky (skinwalkers) sweet house show! and we are starting no later than 9:30pm. and there is going to be free pizza. and the show is free. and the bands are going to be amazing and ...jeez there really isnt an excuse you can give for missing out on this. so anyway here is the other details.

-Treasure Mammal (AWESOME!)
-Ray Reeves and the PHX $ons (AWESOME!)
-The Tremulants
-The Hooves
-Skinwalkers (AWESOME!)
-The Unfiltered Sound

the other bands i dont know anything about. but rocky has good taste in music so i am sure they are rad. so the show starts at 8:00pm and will go till whenever. and the address is "27 e woodward dr # 1
Central & Virginia( one light south of thomas) behind the Circle Kizzle"-Rocky

be there or be a loser.

THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! on saturday! "the boys" and i are going to the green jello / radioactive chickenheads show @the sets. here is the details i have on that.

w/the radioactive chicken heads
$?? / 7:00PM / ALL AGES

so now you may be asking "why would i want to go to this show?" and "what does this have to do with you other than you'll be there?" and the answer to those questions is.

1. green jelly and the radioactive chicken heads are two of the GREATEST "costume" bands. and i dont really care if you are into that at all because i know they both put on a great show and you will have fun even if you dont like the music.

2. "the boys" and i are going to be differant "characters" during radioactive chickenheads and possibly green jelly. so in a round about way i am going to be "performing". here is a picture from one of the times i have "performed" with the chickenheads.

Chuck-e-cheese @the trunkspace 2005
now other stuff. is finally updated! for the first time in almost a month! HOORAY!

check out my new website if you havent already - you can now buy stuff i have made/released. and you can download almost all the stuff i recorded on my mission. and i plan on adding more to it soon. maybe tonight.

i got more stuff out of my storage unit this week and organized my cd's and such and i found extra copies of O.P.M. "i am kevin bacon" compilation. and an extra copy of iggy pop's "numbers" cd-r. if anyone is intrested in purchasing these. let me know. both are pretty limited releases, so that might mean something to someone. maybe.
1. Fathers Day / Treasure Mammal Split (7" and/or CD-R. we still dont know) should be available early 2009.

2. CD for Iggy Fiorello Spetrino Murtagh compilation. is going to be pretty amazing. i still havent written my song for it. but i have heard some other peoples songs/ideas for it and it is going to be amazing. its a compilation of differant artists makeing recordings for iggy. who is possibly the greatest human being ever born to this world and my god-child and is turning 1 years old in late december. i am not sure when the recordings will be available to other people (possibly never) but i am stolked about it either way.

3. Hi My Name Is Ryan "and these are my friends" will be ready to release soon. its going to be just a free download site where you can download sweet ska, soul, rocksteady, acoustic....type stuff that my friends and i have recorded. because non of my friends or i are in ska bands at the moment or are really known for makeing ska music. but we all dig it for the most part and its a lot of fun to do. so we are just doing it. and if you dont like it who cares? you are getting it for free.

4. Fathers Day full length 12" will be available on deathbombarc before we go on tour in may 2009.

5. Best Friends DVD!!!! will be an amazing DVD compilation of music, performance, and awkwardness. we are going to start filming for it sometime soon....

6. Hi My Name Is Ryan "Mission Tapes" - over my two year mission i recorded close to 400 hours worth of stuff on cassettes and mailed them to JRC. together him and i will be makeing an amazing compilation of sound and release them in 3 differant formats (CD, LP, Tape) and each one will have completly differant material. and we are going to be working on it next month.